Molecule Viewer 3D 1.2.5

Source:Adam Hogan

Open most common 3D molecule file formats saved on your SD card or choose from one of the 243 included molecules in the molecule library.

Chemicals built in include:
* Both D and L amino acids
* D carbohydrates
* Many cyclic sugars
* Common cofactors
* DNA nucleobases, pairs and strands
and many other common molecules

File formats supported include:
* Sybyl mol2
and more

Check out my other chemistry app Chemistry Helper for chemistry tables and tools.

Comment or email me with questions or concerns. Want me to add a molecule to the library? Just ask.

If any file is giving you an error when you try to load it try converting it to a .cml through a program like avogradro and open that.

Application developed with the help of the Chemistry Development Kit and molecules from avogadro.

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